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  • The Vitamin A in Carrots will help to keep your skin vibrant and healthy.

  • The Vitamin A in Carrots is an antioxidant that attacks free radicals, and thereby prevents signs of aging like pigmentation, wrinkles and uneven skin tone. 

  • Carrots can help get rid of several scars and skin blemishes.

  • "Carrots are rich in vitamin C, helpful in aiding collagen production in the body. Collagen is a protein required to maintain the elasticity of the skin. Thus, regular use of carrots can help in preventing wrinkles, and stalling the process of aging." (The Health Site, 2018) 

Did you know... Carrots can effectively prevent and cure a wide range of skin ailments too, including pimples, acne, dermatitis, rashes, etc. Owing to their healing qualities, they can be applied directly on cuts, wounds and inflammation to quickly heal them.

- The Health Site, 2018

Information adapted from The Health Site Copyright © 2018.