Mane Espresso® Hair, Beard and Skin oil contains:

Lavender, Rosemary, Turmeric, Carrot, Basil, Ginger, Tea Tree, Cinnamon, Ylang Ylang, Avocado, Myrrh, and Pure Organic Coffee

Never tested on animals.

Not for use on infants/small children.

This oil is not intended to be used in place of prescribed medications.

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Hair: Apply a drop or 2 to palms, rub your hands together to emulsify, apply to hair and scalp, use 2 to 3 times a week.

Severe Dandruff; Apply 3 to 4 drops, apply to scalp or problem areas.

Cracked Skin or Feet: Soak feet in comfortably hot water, apply 2 drops to palms, emulsify in hands, apply to feet, put on socks an wear to bed. wake up to soft, supple heels and feet.

Razor Bumps: Apply a warm compress to face for 15-20 minutes. Apply oil and rub in. Best if used at bedtime.

Thinning Hair: Apply 2 to 3 drops in thinning areas every day. Note: This oil is to save hair and promote new growth. This oil will not grow hair that has been lost due to alopecia or health conditions. Some medications will also cause hair loss. If you are experiencing any unusual hair loss, please consult your physician or dermatologist.

Makeup Remover: Apply a little oil on a cotton ball, apply to face and rinse well. Follow up with your cleanser of choice May apply a drop more as your moisturizer.