What's Really In Your Beauty Products?

August 3, 2017

What we put in our hair affects our appearance as well as our health. Check your ingredients on the back of your products, you will see things like Pr...

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The Mane Espresso Story

June 28, 2017


Hello! I am SO excited about Mane Espresso® and the launch of our new website that for my first blog, I want to share the Mane Expresso® story - the inspiration behind the product. Thanks so much for stopping by and I welcome your comments. Please feel free to share your Mane Expresso® success stories!


After being in the beauty industry for over 21 years I have used all types of products on my clients. I noticed a lot of clients were suffering from dry brittle hair, severe flaking of the scalp and in severe cases thinning. I would look on the back of the packaging to see exactly what was in these products..honestly some of the ingredients I could not even pronounce, meaning they were man made and was not made from God. Who would know better about the health of our hair than the Almighty, he gave us everything we need right here on earth to keep everything about us healthy. Fruits, Vegetables, Water, Plants and yes Herbs.


I decided to research some of the finest herbs known to man to formulate this Amazing blend. Infused with Carrot, Basil, Chamomile, Lavender, ROSEMARY, Avocado, Ginger, Tumeric and of course COFFEE used to stimulate every sleeping follicle in your head. Used on the BEARD to create a soft, supple yet shiny beard. Perfect for the well groomed gentlemen. This oil was stamped with Miracle when my neighbor of 18 years underwent chemo/ radiation treatments and was suffering with dry, cracked skin were the radiation was targeted. He said it really helped with the discomfort of his skin and not to mention he didn’t lose a strand of his hair.

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