What's Really In Your Beauty Products?



Hope all is well. I hope you are enjoying your MANE ESPRESSO. We have heard from some of you and have had some amazing testimonials these last few weeks. I personally have an experience that once again proves that what goes into our hair has an effect on our overall well-being.

Recently I had braids put into my hair for the summer months, since I'm natural and did not want to bother with hair during these massive heat waves we have been experiencing. The braids were beautiful, to finalize my style and add some shine or should we say sheen to the braids my braid technician sprayed my scalp and the braids with oil sheen. The braids were neat and very shiny. Within I say a week or so my skin began to break out, now I'm 41 but to look at my skin you would think I was 15. I was mortified!! I thought to myself: "What could it be, did I eat something, was it some vitamin or medication I had consumed?" What could have broke me out to this magnitude? I thought maybe it's the synthetic hair she used. NO! couldn't be the hair or my scalp would be itchy and I'm pretty sure a rash would be on my neck. I looked in the mirror I had enough!!! I began to remove the braids that i let remain in my head for about a month. As I removed the braids I begin to feel the remaining oil left behind from the oil sheen. My fingers were literally shining as I removed this hair... All surface oil, nothing had penetrated not even my own hair. Aaahaa!! So this is what's been having me look like a confused teenager for the last month, that OIL SHEEN.

What we put in our hair affects our appearance as well as our health. Check your ingredients on the back of your products, you will see things like Propane... yes propane the directions will tell you to stay away from flames. Not good I know. That oil sheen clogged the pores in my face with harmful chemicals and fillers leaving me with a blemished complexion and hair that was superficially moisturized. MANE ESPRESSO is all natural, all organic guaranteed to penetrate your hair and scalp giving you real shine not a facade. It's also good for your skin so if you have sensitive skin like mine you can use this without any side effects. So drink your water, take your vitamins, use your MANE ESPRESSO & throw away your oil sheen it's time to take charge of your overall well-being. 😎

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